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Being an All Inclusivist is an acceptance of all people and all things as one with the universe therefore we are all the same no matter our personal beliefs or outward appearances.  We chose to become All Inclusivist as we did not fit in any other religious sector or cultural denomination that we could explain to others who we are and what are beliefs are, so in we developed this Lifestyle and now have an explanation of our spirituality and chosen path. 

Our Lifestyle is based on Ten Guiding Principles

  1. One will not Judge or allow oneself to be Judged by others

  2. One will hold Love of Self to the highest regards with an understanding that Self is One with Spirit and the Universe

  3. Practicing the arts of SHAKEN and ZENYA daily are upholding the lifestyles guidance

  4. Spirit is inside of each of us and throughout the universe.

  5. All Inclusivist accept all others regardless of differences

  6. Forgiveness and Forward is the easiest way to overlook what may appear as a flaw in another or a situation.  Dwelling on being wronged is giving energy to send more wrong your way.  Remember everyone has their own reasons to Get SHAKEN.

  7. Live the life you love, love the life you live.  Or Move ON!

  8. Show no shame in being human or doing exclusive YOU!

  9. Judge no religion, choosing to follow additional cultural groups is always acceptable

  10. Just Be!


Sexual Healing

IF you do not deal with your own sexual nature you will not be whole. Sex is a part of human behavior and required kinda like air!  


Holistic Living

Living holistically simply means living whole.  We seek to find balance in mind body and soul.  When we learn to incorporate the three in everyday living we vicariously find balance.


Attitude / Affirmations

Thinking positively may not be enough, you have to practice what you preach.  Waking up each day with a “Right” Attitude is difficult.  The thing to learn to do is change it! Using positive affirmation can alter the chemical makeup of the brain and help change your tude!


Keeping it real

Sometimes you just have to be real…. Wrong! You must keep it real at all times.  Never lie to yourself or make something out to be more than it is.  If you deal with problems or people by keeping it real, you will not carry heavy burdens around all day.  The only persons happiness you can control ultimately is your own!


Exercise/ Energy

Do what works for you, but do a bit every day.  Even if it is doing squats while brushing your teeth, or stopping to do calf presses while walking up the stairs.          Be as functional as possible.  Your body is irreplaceable and must stay finely tuned. Work on Chakra balance everyday.


Nature / Natural               

Be one with nature every day, walk out your front door and scream “what’s going on” listen for nature to reply.  Take walks on your lunch break or set and enjoy 5 minutes watching the clouds.  When you take these few moments or steps on the ground in your bare feet you are rooting or grounding yourself and letting go over energy you do not need to carry. Be Nude!

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