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Living Well Ohio

Living Well Ohio is a philosophy revolving around wellness, to provide mindfulness-based service to Ohioans.  The intention is to develop Ohio’s programs, consumers, leaders, communities, and staff with such mindful intent, every person in Ohio is Living Well! Structured to develop a skill set so a mindful based approach is taken daily.


It begins with the development of Individualized Wellness Plans (IWP) and grows with the person to assure we are all LIVING WELL in OHIO.  By taking traditional plans off the shelf and living within this holistic approach we make WELLNESS the plan Daily!

take control of



Living Well Ohio is essential for all who wish to live, work and play with a healthy mindset.  By starting at the Direct Support level we can expand the way we serve each other so that organizations retain and maintain healthy staff with persons served gaining the greatest rewards. 

The concepts within are simple, in that they are practical and can be applied to most situations.  The principles can be applied to any plan-based program.  We encourage organizations to look at how programs can be structured to be entirely consumer specific goal driven.  We will train DSP to become Direct Support Wellness Professional (DSWP) wherein front-line staff will be living a life based on their own IWP.  Living mindfully will provide staff a skill set to guide persons served through a positive culture journey.    




We must break the traditional cycle of planning annually for what should be a daily living skill.  We must also put the front-line staff and plan owner in control of what makes life worth living daily.  Incorporation of the IWP into the current system must allow for the DSWP and client to evolve holistically.  In this approach you will learn how to let go of the traditional restraints and let people live well.    



Your Greatest Self.


Become a Direct Support Wellness Professional and start living your best life today!

Serve those you work with mindfully so daily lives become lasting memories!

Welcome to Living Well in Ohio from founder, Karen Fisher 

stop talking


We must start Serving people opposed to helping or fixing them.We empower those we serve when we strengthen their overall mindfulness.This program is designed to work within the current system to assure systemic requirements are being ascertained and compliance is evident.


Our HOPE is the entire State will adopt this service delivery method and share the world of wellness with those being served as well as for those providing the services.Within TEAM Consulting we adopted the IWP concept and certified our DSP as DSWP in 2018.Our retention rate for staff and clients is 98% and most importantly people are WELL!


Karen Fisher the CEO of TEAM Consulting, TEAM Terror Fitness and Creating Hope has developed this concept to bring Wellness to Ohio.As a service provider, agency owner, personal trainer, holistic health practitioner, and an Ohioan, Karen has created a world where people grow and live healthy and wishes to share this concept with everyone!

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